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Experience the best of the Internet with a Le-Ru DSL connection. You can surf the Web and download files 20 to 30 times faster than dial-up, and DSL is always-on, so there is no waiting for a modem to dial-up and connect. Plus, with Le-Ru DSL there is no need for a second phone line. You can surf and talk on the phone at the same time over the same line.

  • Our DSL accounts include:

  • Internet access up to 15 Mbps where available.
  • Free Email Spam and Virus Protection

    20 MBs of personal Email space

    Free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week

For more information or to order service, call (417) 628-3844.

Internet and Networking Services

Internet Speeds Up To    
5 Mb/s   $55.95
5 Mb/s with Long Distance   $50.95
10 Mb/s   $90.95
10 Mb/s with Long Distance   $85.95
15 Mb/s   $105.95
15 Mb/s with Long Distance   $100.95
- Internet Speed Offerings Are Determined Based on Distance from the Local Facility
- All Internet Packages Require Telephone Service
Wireless Modem Setup $40.00   Wireless USB Adapter $30.00
Wireless Router $40.00    
Basic Customer's Wireless Router   $30.00 each
- Includes Hookup and Setup
- Setup includes basic wireless settings
Connecting Devices to Wireless Internet
First Device free    
Any After First Device   $5.00 each
Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles and Printers   $10.00 each
Any Streaming Device   $40.00 each
Basic Installation Fee   $99.00
- Includes Wiring and Jack for One Location
- Includes Hookup of Modem
Pre Wire House   $150.00
- New Construction (Pre-Drywall)
- Includes Basic Installation and Networking
- Wires and Jacks or Connection Ends
(Not including Device Hookups and Setup
Not Including Telephone Wiring or Telephone Jacks)
Connection Ends (RJ-45 Ends) - Both Sides of Wire   $10.00
Internet Streaming
What can I use to stream?
  Roku Streaming Stick, 3600 RW   roku.com  
  Apple TV   apple.com/tv  
  Amazon Fire Stick   amazon.com  
  PlayStation 4   playstation.com  
  XBox One   xbox.com  
  Smart TV      
Prices Vary
  Google Chromecast*   chromecast.com  
*With Google Chromecast, you can "cast" anything you see on your computer directly onto your HDTV.

What content can I stream?
SlingTv | Netflix | Hulu

  Sling Orange    
$20.00 monthly
  Sling Blue    
$25.00 monthly
  Add on Packages    
$5.00 monthly
  1 Screen    
$7.99 monthly
  2 Screens + HD    
$9.99 monthly
  4 Screens + HD    
$11.99 monthly
  Limited Commercials    
$5.99 monthly
  No Commercials    
$11.99 monthly
  • Prices for devices from Walmart.com

  • The devices and services shown can be used with Le-Ru Internet. Le-Ru Telephone Company does not offer these devices or services.

  • For more information regarding these devices and services, please visit their respective websites.

  • Schedule an appointment with us at 417-628-3844 to come to our main office and try SlingTv and Netflix through a Roku or an Apple TV device.