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LeRu Telephone Company is partnering with a leading LOCAL Website Development Company to bring our customers the best in website development - but at very affordable pricing. With websites starting as low as $299 - now you can have that professional look your business needs to get you noticed.

If you are considering your own website, please don't make a move until you contact us and give us the opportunity to tell you about this exciting new service available to you - our valued customers!

This is a LOCAL COMPANY dedicated to serving the needs of their friends in the community. You can have all the benefits of "big city" availability - without leaving your own town! To see a complete Portfolio of projects - click the Home button in the banner below.

Le-Ru, Inc.
555 Carter Street
Stella, MO 64867

Local 1-417-628-3844
Toll Free 1-866-628-3844

Email: info@leru.net